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About Marsh Namibia

Marsh Namibia

Marsh Namibia (Pty) Ltd is a premier global professional Financial Services firm providing advice on Risk and Insurance solutions. Our work at Marsh touches the Insurance Industry, Corporate, Commercial and personal sectors, and people in Namibia. Through our market leading brand, and worldwide network we assists clients to identify, and plan for critical business issues and risks. Marsh Namibia has offices in Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Swakopmund and a staff contingent of 60 employees. 

Our Country

  • Capital:  Windhoek
  • Population:  2.4 million
  • Area: 824,292 sq km (318,261 sq miles)
  • Major languages: English (official), Afrikaans, German, Oshivambo, Herero, Nama
  • Major religion :  Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 62 years (men), 63 years (women)
  • Currency: Namibian dollar

Our Client Mix

We deliver exceptional value to clients, small, medium and large Commercial, large Corporate as well as Multinational clients across the full spectrum of Commerce, Industry and Parastatal operations. By meeting or exceeding our client’s requirements and through innovating meeting emerging client needs in a manner that promotes shareholder value over time.

Our Main Strengths

Marsh Namibia provides risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, alternative risk financing, and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals. Our team approach draws on dozens of industry and risk specialties within Marsh to customize solutions for each client.

We enable clients to grow, innovate, and create value by helping them understand and better manage the risks they face, and ensuring they have the resiliency to withstand the unexpected. Marsh partners with clients to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Our Local Markets

Our market is closely linked to the South African insurance market.  The major South African insurers registered in Namibia are Mutual & Federal, Santam and Hollard.  There are two other conventional insurers being Western National and Prosperity.  Lloyd's of London also have a registered presence.

Our Regulators

NAMFISA is a public body established in terms of the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority Act, 2001 (Act No. 3 of 2001).  It is tasked with the responsibility of regulating and supervising non-banking Financial Institutions in Namibia. It operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and has no profit motive.  Its operations are fully financed through imposition of levies, registration and penalty fees on Financial Institutions under its charge.

Our Business Principles and Practices

The Marsh Namibia Terms of Engagement (ToE) (Version 1, June 2013) is based on the Marsh UK TOE, suitably modified to comply with Namibian legal and compliance requirements.

The TOE is introduced by a short Letter of Engagement (LoE) addressing key provisions such as services, remuneration, term/termination and limitation on liability.

Read the key points to note in the Marsh Namibia Terms of Engagement.

Read the full version of the Marsh (Namibia) (Pty) Limited Terms of Engagement.

Marsh Contact
Benjamin Visser
2nd Floor, Alexander Forbes House, Corner of Fidel Castro Ruz and Independence Ave, Windhoek, Namibia

Riana Jandrell
2nd Floor, Alexander Forbes House, Corner of Fidel Castro Ruz and Independence Ave, Windhoek, Namibia